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Palestinian Art: Kana'an, Mansour, Sa'ada

Ahmad Kana'an

Ahmad Kana’an was born in 1965 in Tamra, Western Galilee, where he currently lives and works. He studied sculpture at the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem from 1985-1989, and stained glass at The Arts Centre, Jerusalem in 1991.


Ahmad's work includes sculptures and paintings. He uses metal, wood and simple materials from the environment in his sculptures to portray deep symbolic meanings. His work portrays daily life, culture, identity, and the surroundings.

Sliman Mansour

Born in the Palestinian village of Beir Zeit in 1947, Mansour is a co-founder of the Wasiti Art Center in Jerusalem (Now director of the Center). He is also a member of the “New Vision” artist group, which focuses on the use of local material in artwork. Mansour is a cartoonist, art instructor, and author of two books on Palestinian folklore.

Raeda Sa'ada

Palestinian artist born in Um el Fahem, lives and works in Palestine. Her work has focused on her experiences as a Palestinian woman and her relationship to her homeland. She is concerned with issues of displacement and identity, and more specifically those related to gender. Saadeh’s most recent work is in the form of installations and performances. She finds herself using a variety of local mediums ranging from wedding dresses to skeletons, raw meat to plastic bags.


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