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Second Life: How is SL being used?

Information about the multi-user virtual environment as well as to how it is being used in educational settings.

Second Life across disciplines

Exploration is still happening and continues, everyone who enters and actively participates helps SL develop. Higher Education is one of the areas that jumped on the virtual world band-wagon early on. Once you have created your account do a couple of searches for places you may want to explore from Santa Clara University to our own campus USD campus in SL. 

SL is being explored for educational purposes, in higher education from identity exploration (you can change color, sex, age, height, species, etc.) to learning styles to sharing ideas on the pedagogical implications of teaching in a virtual world.


Sociology - cultures and subcultures abound in Second Life (cyberpunks, griefers, furries, elven role players, gorean, star wars, steampunks, Star Trek, Fashionistas, Satanists, Wiccans, Vampires, Fetish Groups, etc)

Gender Studies -  gender exploration

Art - museology students can create installations at fraction of the cost

Music - performances in SL at clubs for a fee or free of charge

Business - to launch products experimentally at a fraction of the cost or do product placement (L'Oreal, Coca-Cola), as well try different marketing techniques and to cash in on the money to be made

Biology, Physics, Oceanography, etc - exploring science in an alternate universe or to teach introductory courses through a series of exercises

Other active groups:

Activists, Artists, Builders and Scripters, Educators, Politicians, Religions:  Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, etc.

Universities in SL


Universities exploring SecondLife:

Virtual Campuses

Science and Health


SL in the Business World

Market Data Demographic Studies


SL in Business

How Corporations Use Virtual Worlds

Visionary international corporations – Michelin, IBM, Xerox, Saint-Gobain Glass -- have established and grown significant presences on the Second Life Grid. These organizations have built spaces in Second Life Grid in some of these ways:

  • Hold in-person meetings without leaving the office, using real-time 3D collaboration
  • Construct product and process simulations so employees and business collaborators from all over the world can test new designs and concepts
  • Conduct employee training especially one-on-one training
  • Meet with global partners at your virtual headquarters
  • Receive product feedback from clients
  • Build community around your brand

Facing the challenges of managing and encouraging communications and collaboration within and among global operations, they recognized that the Second Life Grid offers improved organizational performance and reduced operating costs.


Companies in SL:

  • Adult industry
  • Coca Cola Virtual Thirst Pavillion
  • Dell
  • Deutsche Bank SL Lindendollar Bank
  • H&R Block Returns to SecondLife for 2008 Tax Season
  • IBM Green Data Center
  • NBC Universal Headquarters
  • Nike Sportswear
  • Telecom Italia
  • Thompson Reuters
  • Tourism boards for Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.