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Second Life: SL Lexicon

Information about the multi-user virtual environment as well as to how it is being used in educational settings.

The Language of Second Life


AO = Animation override. The process of a script or animation taking control of your Avatar’s actions. Used in poseballs, danceballs and other objects

Avie, Av = avatar

Furries = Avatars that looks like an anthropomorphic animal

Grid = Collection of Sims linked together. Several grids exist including the Main Grid and Teen Grid (13-18 years-old)

In-world = inside of Second Life

Lindex = The trading market that determines the value of Linden Dollars to real dollars. Rates fluctuate based on demand and other factors

Linden$ = SL's currency, the Linden Dollar

LM = land mark specific location within Second Life

Local Chat/Voice = Voice Chat that is only audible to avatars close to your location

MMO / MMOG / MMORPG = Massively-Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game

Noob/ Newb / Newbie = A new user (Usually this term is meant as an insult or term of endearment)

Prim = Primitive. The building block in Second Life, everything begins as a prim

Region = A named area within Second Life, also commonly called a Sim (Simulator)

Resident = Another term for your Avatar

Rez = to resolve the objects (avatars, buildings, cars, etc.) in-world. When create an objects it will “rez” into existence

RL = Real Life

Sim = Short for Simulator. A 256 square meter block of land. Sims can further be divided into Parcels.

Skin = The texture applied to your Shape.

SL = Second Life

SLURLS = Second Life URLs. These can be entered in a web browser to allow teleportation to a location within SL

TP = teleport. This is the method of instantly moving from one place to another within Second Life