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Associated Student Government Print Textbooks Reserves Collection in Copley Library

This guide explains the Associated Student Government pilot project to offer print textbooks for two-hour use through Copley Library.

ASG Print Textbooks Reserves FAQs

The collection doesn't have my textbook.  How can I get the library to order a copy of the textbook I need?

Copley Library in general does not purchase textbooks for the library collection.  This pilot project is funded by the Associated Student Government.  If you would like for ASG to consider adding your textbook title to their pilot collection, contact them at

Can I checkout the ASG Textbooks Reserves textbook I need and take it home with me?

ASG limits the use of the textbooks to two hours per checkout and for use within Copley Library.

My course has multiple sections and hundreds of students using the same textbook.  Is providing one textbook for it in the ASG Textbooks Reserves Collection enough for all of us?

The ASG Executive Committee has added additional copies for courses that have large enrollments.  If you would like to provide feedback to them regarding your course and accessibility to the textbook, contact them at

I still don't understand how to find my course's textbook title in the library catalog.  What should I do?

Copley Library provides onsite assistance during the library's open hours.  Stop by the Access Services desk or the Reference desk for help finding your textbook.