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Online Master of Education


Welcome to the SOLES Online MEd program! This guide will have helpful APA and research information for you. If you have questions or need help, please contact me via the "Email Me" button.

Table of Contents
  • Home: Guide overview & features social justice resources 
  • Finding Resources: Links & descriptions for recommended journals & databases
  • Course Texts: Links to course-recommended titles available in Copley Library's print and ebook collections
  • Citation Help: APA Style help & citation manager information
  • Data & Statistics: Links to use education-related databanks
  • Tutorials: Guides for common databases & tools used by SOLES faculty, staff, & students

Getting Started

The checklist below provides a few recommendations for browser bookmarks, extensions, & add-ons that will help ease your graduate transition & enrich your research experience.

Featured Books

Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education

From A-to-Z, this Encyclopedia will cover the full spectrum of diversity issues, including race, class, gender, religion, language, exceptionality, and the global dimensions of diversity as they relate to education

Gender and Education

In this two volume set, educators explore the intersection of gender and education. Their entries deal with educational theories, research, curricula, practices, personnel, and policies, but also with variations in the gendering of education across historical and cultural contexts. The various contributors discuss gender as a social construction.

Spectacular Things Happen along the Way

This celebrated narrative shows how a teacher, alongside his 5th-grade students, co-created a curriculum based on the students' needs, interests, and questions. Follow Brian Schultz and his students from a Chicago housing project as they work together to develop an emergent and authentic curriculum based on what is most important to the 5th-graders--replacing their dilapidated school. The persuasive storytelling that captured the attention of educators and the media depicts the journey of one teacher in an urban school and his students juxtaposed against the powerful and entrenched bureaucracy of Chicago's public education system. In this second edition, Schultz examines how school reform continues to fail students in urban contexts, reflects on his teaching and writing from a decade ago, and offers compelling updates on students and what became of the school.