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Learning and Teaching: TESOL, Literacy, and Culture

TESOL Streaming Media

In "I LEARN AMERICA," five resilient immigrant teenagers come together at the International High School at Lafayette and struggle to learn their new land.

The International High School is a New York City public school dedicated to serving newly arrived immigrant teenagers, with more than 300 students speaking two-dozen languages from 50 countries.

A new documentary about how a social justice organization based in Oakland, California--Asian Immigrant Women Advocates (AIWA)--focused on building the long-term collective leadership of limited-English speaking immigrants, and empowered women and youth to become powerful agents of social change.

Precious Knowledge reports from the frontlines of one of the most contentious battles in public education in recent memory, the fight over Mexican American studies programs in Arizona public schools. The film interweaves the stories of several students enrolled in the Mexican American Studies Program at Tucson High School with interviews with teachers, parents, school officials, and the lawmakers who wish to outlaw the classes.

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Here's a list of TESOL scholars - even some at USD - to get you started. Google Scholar profiles linked when available.

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