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School of Peace Studies: Reference Resources

Encyclopedias and Anthologies

- Encyclopedia of the American military: Studies of the history, traditions, policies, institutions, and roles of the armed forces in war and peace. John E. Jessup, editor in chief, Louise B. Ketz, executive editor CL Book Stacks UA23.E56 1994 v.1 - v.4

- Encyclopedia of Peace Education. CL Book Stacks JZ5534. E48 2008

- Encyclopedia of peace psychology. Edited by Daniel J. Christie. CL Book Stacks JZ5533. E65 2012 v.1 - v.3

- Encyclopedia of violence, peace, & conflict. Editor-in-chief, Lester Kurtz ; associate editor, Jennifer Turpin. CL Book Stacks HM 291. E625 1999 v.1 - v.3

- Oxford international encyclopedia of peace. Nigel Young, editor in chief. CL Reference JZ5533.O95 2010 v.1 - v.4

- Peace/mir: an anthology of historic alternatives to war. Volume editors, Charles Chatfield & Ruzanna Ilukhina. CL Book Stacks JX1937 .P43 1994

- World encyclopedia of peace. Honorary editor-in-chief, Linus Pauling; executive editors, Ervin Laszlo, Jong Youl Yoo. CL Reference JX1952 .W63 1986 v.1 – v.4


keyword/subject in SALLY: Peace Bibliography

1. The Atomic Papers : A Citizen's Guide To Selected Books And Articles On The Bomb, The Arms Race, Nuc / by Grant Burns.  Copley Library ; JX1974.7 .B87 1984  

2. Bibliography Of Published Works By Kenneth E. Boulding / compiled By Vivian L. Wilson With The Assistance Of Susan Dunahay; Introduction By Kenneth E. Boulding. Copley Library; HB171 .W55 1985  

3. Bibliography On Peace, Security, And International Conflict Management / United States Institute Of Peace.   Legal Research Center; JX4473 .U54 1993  

4. The Economics Of Defense, Disarmament, And Peace: An Annotated Bibliography / Keith Hartley, Nick Hooper.   Copley Library; Z6464.D6 H37 1990  

7. Internationalism: A Selected List Of Books, Pamphlets And Periodicals / by Frederick C. Hicks.     Legal Research Center ; KZ6124 .I5 1912-1914 no.64  

8. Peace Literature Of The War: Material For The Study Of International Polity / by John Mez.           Legal Research Center ; KZ6124 .I5 1915-1916 no.98 Spec. Bull.[2]  

9. Third World Struggle For Peace With Justice: A Directory Of Resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. Fenton And Mary J. Heffron. Copley Library HC59.7 .F45 1990