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Classical Studies: Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism in Classical Studies

Resources to assist students and faculty in the Classical Studies Minor

A preliminary bibliography

This preliminary bibliography is a place to begin examining race, racism and anti-racism in Classical Studies. It is not meant to be exhaustive or definitive. The collections in Copley Library are continually growing as we strive to support your scholarship and research. If you have suggestions to add to the collections or this list, please feel free to contact us through the Ask A Librarian page.

Race, Racism, and Amit-Racism titles

Symbolic Blackness and Ethnic Difference in Early Christian Literature by Gay L. Byron

African American Writers and Classical Tradition by William W. Cook & James Tatum

The image of the Black in western art edited by David Bindman and Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The world and Africa by W.E.B. Du Bois

Classicisms in the Black Atlantic edited by Ian Moyer, Adam Lecznar, and Heidi Morse

African Athena: New Agendas edited by Daniel Orrells, Gurminder K. Bhambra, and Tessa Roynon

Classics and colonialism edited by Barbara Goff

Onesimus, our brother : reading religion, race, and culture in Philemon edited by Matthew V. Johnson, James A. Noel, and Demetrius K. Williams

Race and the writing of history: riddling the sphinx by Meghan Keita

The autobiography of William Sanders Scarborough : an American journey from slavery to scholarship

The works of William Sanders Scarborough : Black classicist and race leader / edited by Michele Valerie Ronnick

A Former Jew: Paul and the Dialectics of Race by Love Sechrest

Blacks in antiquity: Ethiopians in the Greco-Roman experience by Frank M. Snowden, Jr