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Finding Tests and Measures in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.: Home

A guide for the Copley Library Workshop.

How this guide works

This guide is designed to help you identify, find information about, and locate tests and measures. Some of the resources listed in this guide are used primarily to find descriptions of commercially available tests such as test name, subject, author(s), reviews, and availability. In most cases these sources do not include the actual test instruments, but describe the tests and how one might obtain copies of tests through commercial publishers. Other sources listed such as compendiums contain examples of actual test instruments within the source itself. There are also some sources such as databases containing journal articles that sometimes also include an example of a test instrument. 

  • PsycTESTS Database Tab - PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to over 7000 psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about the test and its development and administratiion. PsycTESTS contains the full text of over 70 percent of the tests indexed in the database.
  • Tests Info, Reviews, and Descriptions Tab - These sources cover the widest range of available tests on a topic and provide a good starting point for your research. Here you will find basic information about each test as well as test reviews. In most cases the actual test instrument is not included.
  • Tests Compendiums Tab - These are print and electronic sources that contain actual test instruments on a particular topic. These are most commonly books that contain unpublished tests or instruments that have been reprinted by permission of the test authors.
  • Journal  Databases Tab - These are sources that you can search for articles that may describe or use a particular test in a study. These articles may sometimes include a sample of the actual test instrument, but more often discuss use of the test in a particular context.

Video Tutorial: Finding Tests in APA PsycTests

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