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GSBA 500: Sustainable Strategies for the Entrepreneurial Manager : Google Scholar

This guide was designed for Dr. Nichole Wissman-Weber's class. This guide includes links to library resources and services.

Using Google Scholar for Research

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar is a Google site where you can search for scholarly articles freely available on the web. The sites are open sources sites such as ResearchGate where you can access scholarly articles. Each entry in Google Scholar has access to tools like "Cite"; "Cited By"; and "Related Articles".

In addition, you can change the settings to search for USD articles at the same time. Below are instructions on setting up library links in Google Scholar.

Setting Up Library Links in Google Scholar

Here's how to set it up on your own computer:

  • 3. From the Settings page, select "Library links".

  • 4. Enter "USD" or "University of San Diego" in the search box.
  • 5. Select "University of San Diego - Get It at USD (Copley") & ""University of San Diego - Get This Item at USD"

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