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Center for Research Libraries: CRL and the Linda Hall Library

The Center for Research Libraries is an international consortium of university, college, and independent research libraries.

What is the CRL - Linda Hall Library partnership?

The Linda Hall Library is the world’s foremost independent research library devoted to science, engineering, and technology. CRL and the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering, and Technology created a strategic partnership in 2012 to preserve and develop historical research collections in the fields of science, technology and engineering.

What is Available Through the Partnership?

The collections covered by the partnership include current and back issues of over 50,000 journal titles acquired and maintained by CRL and Linda Hall over the years. These include print serials from Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, and other publishers; historical serials published by the Russian Academy of Sciences and other learned societies in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.; foreign serials in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering received through the Library of Congress Cooperative Acquisition Program; engineering specifications, technical reports, standards and other publications of U.S. and foreign government agencies; and other retrospective serials held by CRL and Linda Hall.

Linda Hall Library includes the print library collection of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, acquired in 1946, part of the library of the Franklin Institute, acquired in 1985, and the Engineering Societies Library (ESL), from a 1995 transfer.

The combined CRL and Linda Hall STE print serials are available electronically to CRL libraries through on-demand digitization and traditional document delivery.

How do I Find Resources in the Linda Hall Library?

The CRL and Linda Hall Library catalogs are not currently merged.  To find materials in the Linda Hall Library, use the Linda Hall Library catalog for:

Keyword Searching

Advanced Searching

Browsing by Subject, Author, Title or Call Number

Browse the Linda Hall Digital Collections

Linda Hall Library also provides a finding aid for Difficult to Find Engineering Papers.   Searching on this platform will yield a brief citation with limited bibliographic information.  Contact your Copley Library Subject Liaison for assistance with this platform or to request items discovered on the platform.

I found a Linda Hall Resource that I need. Now what do I do?

The USD membership with CRL allows us to request material from the Linda Hall Library free-of-charge through CRL.  You can email bibliographic information to yourself from the Linda Hall Library catalog and then contact your Copley Library subject liaison to help you request the material through CRL.