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Kyoto Laureate Symposium: Arts and Philosophy : 2014 Laureate: Fukumi Shimura

The Kyoto Laureates are chosen each year to honor individuals who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment of mankind.

About Fukumi Shimura

Dyeing and Weaving Artist

Born on September 30, 1924
Omihachiman, Shiga, Japan
Ms. Shimura has developed her original style of art, commanding an extraordinarily colorful range of plant–dyed yarns as her visual vocabulary and unleashing her imagination to improvise an infinite resonance of colors over canvases of tsumugi kimono. Through a constant communication with nature and deep meditation, she has cultivated a “tender and flexible thought that advances to weave human existence into nature.”

2014 Kyoto Prize Commemorative Lecture presented by Ms. Fukumi Shimura

Fukumi Shimura Exhibits