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Music Research Resources: Film Music and Composers

Music Resources at Copley Library

Getting Started with Research on Your Film Composer

To start your research, go the the library's homepage and enter your composer's name in quotations in the main search box for articles, books, journals, movies, images and more.  For example, "Elmer Bernstein".  With the results, narrow down your results using the facets (checkboxes) on the left side.  For example, limit to Articles with Full Text by checking the Full Text box.  

Next try searching our database of thousands of eBooks.  Don't forget to put your composer's name in quotes, like "Elmer Bernstein".  Click on one of the eBooks to land on the eBook title page.  From here, you can do additional searching within the eBook.

Recommended Reference Books

Websites on Film Music and Composers - NOT PEER REVIEWED

Recommended Print Books on Film Music and Composers

Recommended eBooks on Film Music and Composers