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MGMT 300: Organizational Behavior in Business: Search Tips and Strategies

This guide is designed for Dr. Devalina Nag's organizational behavior class.

Search Techniques

Connectors, or Boolean Operators, are words that combine concepts together in a search. These operators allow you to keep your search ("AND"); keep your search broad ("OR); or exclude words from your search.


  • Gender AND pay gap= will give you results that include both gender and pay gap.
  • Gender OR pay gap=will give you results that include all the words.
  • Gender AND pay gap NOT Men=This will give you results that include gender and pay gap but exclude men.

Quotations can be especially useful if you are searching for a phrase. This can also be useful if you are searching an exact match for a title of an article or book. If you don't use quotations the system (internet or library database) will look for each word individually. 



  • "gender pay gap(phrase search)
  • "Hidden Performance: Salary History and the Gender Pay Gap(Title of an article)


This technique is using the root or stem of a word and the search will bring back a variety of endings to the word.



rac*= race, races, racism, racial, racialized

educat*=educate, education, educated, educating