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Health Care Informatics: Searching PubMed Tutorials

Resources and helpful information specific to students in the Health Care Informatics graduate program

Tutorials on Searching PubMed

These eight videos are a series of one continuous PubMed searching lesson broken down into 10 minute increments. The series starts with the basics and eventually demonstrates advanced searching techniques, expert time-saving searching tips, troubleshooting errors, and explanations about PubMed's many features.

1 - Set up interlibrary loan, locate databases & PubMed, MeSH intro

5 - Boolean searching, Text word search, broaden your search

2 - Single Citation Matcher, MeSH database, MeSH terms, MeSH major topic, MeSH subheadings

6 - Narrow your search, PubMed filters, searching tips, "About 20"

3 - Search MeSH in PubMed, PubMed navigation, search Title/Abstract, Abstract view

7 - More filters/limits, access full-text, set up alerts for new articles

4 - Finding MeSH terms in articles, Boolean searching (AND/NOT/OR), one term at a time, combining terms

8 - Using interlibrary loan, saving articles, nursing libguide