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Health Care Informatics: Finding Books

Resources and helpful information specific to students in the Health Care Informatics graduate program

New Health Care Informatics Books

Applied Population Health

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems today provide increasing levels of clinical decision support and are the fulcrum for change for value-based healthcare delivery. Billions of dollars of government and insurer payments are dependent on evidence-based workflow design and quality report. In this context, quality measurement is no longer a retrospective exercise, but an essential prospective process embedded in clinical operations. Population health tools in the EHR enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of interventions thus improving the quality of care at lower cost. Population health methods are effective in ensuring that the right patient receives the right care at the right time. This book provides a clear framework for design, implementation, and monitoring of innovative population health tools to accelerate measurable improvements in care delivery. Key benefits for readers include conceptual framework, team approach, and technical insights that result in improved patient care, improved performance on quality measures and increased revenue from quality performance incentives and risk-based contracts. This is also a practice guide to the healthcare professionals many roles who are eager to build or improve population health programs with the goal of delivering high quality value-based care.

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Building on the success of the previous editions, this fully updated book once again brings together worldwide experts to illustrate the underlying science and day-to-day use of decision support systems in clinical and educational settings. Topics discussed include: -Mathematical Foundations of Decision Support Systems -Design and Implementation Issues -Ethical and Legal Issues in Decision Support -Clinical Trials of Information Interventions -Hospital-Based Decision Support -Real World Case Studies 

Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine

This 5th edition of this essential textbook continues to meet the growing demand of practitioners, researchers, educators, and students for a comprehensive introduction to key topics in biomedical informatics and the underlying scientific issues that sit at the intersection of biomedical science, patient care, public health and information technology (IT). Emphasizing the conceptual basis of the field rather than technical details, it provides the tools for study required for readers to comprehend, assess, and utilize biomedical informatics and health IT. It focuses on practical examples, a guide to additional literature, chapter summaries and a comprehensive glossary with concise definitions of recurring terms for self-study or classroom use. Biomedical Informatics: Computer Applications in Health Care and Biomedicine reflects the remarkable changes in both computing and health care that continue to occur and the exploding interest in the role that IT must play in care coordination and the melding of genomics with innovations in clinical practice and treatment. New and heavily revised chapters have been introduced on human-computer interaction, mHealth, personal health informatics and precision medicine, while the structure of the other chapters has undergone extensive revisions to reflect the developments in the area. The organization and philosophy remain unchanged, focusing on the science of information and knowledge management, and the role of computers and communications in modern biomedical research, health and health care.

Health Care Information Systems

Health Care Information Systems is the newest version of the acclaimed text that offers the fundamental knowledge and tools needed to manage information and information resources effectively within a wide variety of health care organizations. It reviews the major environmental forces that shape the national health information landscape and offers guidance on the implementation, evaluation, and management of health care information systems. It also reviews relevant laws, regulations, and standards and explores the most pressing issues pertinent to senior level managers. It covers: Proven strategies for successfully acquiring and implementing health information systems. Efficient methods for assessing the value of a system. Changes in payment reform initiatives. New information on the role of information systems in managing in population health. A wealth of updated case studies of organizations experiencing management-related system challenges.

Essentials of US Health Care System with the 2019 Annual Health Reform Update

This bundle includes Shi and Singh's Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System, Fifth Edition along with the 2019 Annual Health Reform Update by Wilensky and Teitelbaum.Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System, Fifth Edition is a clear and concise distillation of the major topics covered in the best-selling Delivering Health Care in America by the same authors. Written with the undergraduate in mind, Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System is a reader-friendly, well organized resource that covers the major characteristics, foundations, and future of the U.S. health care system. The text clarifies the complexities of health care organization and finance and presents a solid overview of how the various components fit together.The 2019 Annual Health Reform Update is a concise, 56-page examination of health reform in the United States that takes a comprehensive look at the key components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the political climate regarding its potential repeal. It also explores all previous attempts at health reform, as well as the core rulings of multiple U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to the ACA, and key issues going forward.

Health Informatics: Practical Guide

Health Informatics: Practical Guide focuses on the application of information technology in healthcare to improve individual and population health, education and research. The goal of the seventh edition is to stimulate and educate healthcare and IT professionals and students about the key topics in this rapidly changing field. Dr. William Hersh from Oregon Health & Science University is the co-editor and author of multiple chapters. Topics include Health Informatics (HI) overview, electronic health records, healthcare data analytics, health information exchange, architecture of information systems, evidence-based medicine, consumer health informatics, HI ethics, quality improvement strategies and more. The 22 chapters feature learning objectives, case studies, recommended reading, future trends, key points, conclusions and over 1800 references. It is available as a paperback and an eBook. Visit the textbook companion website at http: // for more information

Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach

See how information technology intersects with health care! Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach, 2nd Edition prepares you for success in today's technology-filled healthcare practice. Concise coverage includes information systems and applications such as electronic health records, clinical decision support, telehealth, ePatients, and social media tools, as well as system implementation. New to this edition are topics including data science and analytics, mHealth, principles of project management, and contract negotiations.

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