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Opera Resources at Copley Library: Finding Journal Articles

How to Find Journal Articles

When you search for a topic in our databases sometimes the article will be available as full-text.

If the article is not available as full text, you will get a list of citations. These citations usually refer to articles appearing in journals, magazines and newspapers. Note the information in the citation (author, title, journal title, volume, date, page numbers). 

Then, check our Catalog to see whether we have the journal either in our stacks or through a different online source.

If we do not subscribe to the journal where your article appears, you can use our Interlibrary Loan Service to request a copy of the article you need.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed journals, also known as Refereed journals or scholarly journals, are journals with articles that have been critically evaluated and approved by several scholars (reviewers with expertise in the subject of the article) before inclusion in a journal. 

Peer reviews lend credibility to the article because the process confirms the reliability of the data and the findings of the research.

To verify that a journal is peer-reviewed check Ulrich's Periodical Directory

Article Search

Find journal articles by searching several databases simultaneously.

Music & Humanities Databases

These databases include entries on music as well as a variety of related topics in the Humanities. Many contain journals with full text articles.

eJournal Finder

Click here to go to the eJournal Finder to search for journal titles in electronic format.

Google Scholar Search Box

Need help figuring out the best use of Google Scholar?  Click here!

Google Scholar Search