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Nonprofit Leadership and Management: Finding Articles

How do I find a specfic journal?

To find a specific journal or a specific article within a journal go to the Catalog.

Type in the title of the journal. 

(Note: Do not type in the title of the article.)

Review results.

Notice whether it is available online or in print.

Locate the date needed.

If it is available online, click the link, locate the volume/issue/article you need.

If it is in print, make a note of the call number, and visit the Camino Stacks.

Need help? Ask us!

Help! The article I need isn't available!

If the library does not have the article you need, use the  Interlibrary Loan Service to request a copy. 

Recommended Databases

Peer-Reviewed Journals

Peer-reviewed journals, also known as Refereed Journals or Scholarly Journals, are...

  • scholarly journals with articles that have been critically evaluated and approved by several scholars (expert peer-reviewers) before inclusion in a journal, not just by an editor.
  • reviewed by peers to assess the quality of the methodology, data, and conclusions presented.

Peer review lends credibility to the article because the process confirms the reliability of the data and the findings of the research.

Verify that a journal is peer-reviewed with Ulrich's Periodical Directory