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Copley Library's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Resources: Juneteenth

This guide provides the USD community with resources and information to support institutional and personal learning about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility topics. It is a living document and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

What is Juneteenth?

Other resources

Search the following Copley databases for even more resources about Juneteenth, Black Americans, and American History related to geneaology, slavery, emancipation, Reconstruction, and much more.

Looking for scholarly articles about Juneteenth? Try this sample keyword search from our EbscoHost databases (e.g., Academic Search Premier) to find 140+ results. Use the Databases tab to try the search in other databases.

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  • Insurance industry voices support of Juneteenth following creation of new federal holiday. (2021). [Article]. Inside P&C, 62-62. Link
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  • Adeniran, R. K. (2022). Application of Juneteenth to Nursing: Passion, Perseverance, Pride, and Purpose Can Drive Change. Holistic Nursing Practice, 36(5), 266-267. 
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Hosted by Northwestern University, Knight Lab's StoryMapJS is a free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events. ~ from StoryMap website

Check out some publicly available Juneteenth StoryMaps embedded or linked below!

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