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MITE - MS, Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship: Business and Entrepreneurship Resources

Developed by Professors Amy Besnoy and Steve Staninger for the MITE program, which combines Science and Business resources available through Copley Library


These are just a few of the resources available through Copley Library at USD. 

You are strongly encouraged to contact Steve Staninger

at for personalized research assistance.

Business and Industries

Census Information

  • Censtats Provides access to the following U.S. Census resources: County Business Patterns, USA Counties, Annual Survey of Manufacturers, ZIP Business Patterns, Census Tract/Street Index, Building Permits, International Trade Data, Occupation by Race and Sex, and Consolidated Federal Funds Report.

Peer-Reviewed Journals

In peer-reviewed journals, also known as refereed journals or scholarly journals:

  •  articles are published only after they have been critically evaluated and approved by several scholars (expert peer-reviewers)
  •  reviewers can recommend that a paper be rejected, revised and re-submitted (rejection is still possible), or accepted. Acceptance without revisions is rare.
  •  authors do not usually know the identity of their reviewers. In "double blind" peer review, both author and referee are anonymous.

Peer review lends credibility to the article by confirming that the research meets the standards of the scholarly community.

Verify that a journal is peer-reviewed with Ulrich's Periodical Directory

Market Research Reports

Additional Resources

Business Articles Online