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Resources to support Anti-Racism in Science: Home

"Scientists too often assume that science occurs in a vacuum, ignoring the fact that science has long been used to prop up racist ideologies, like eugenics" [Moran, Inverse Daily]. Hopefully this guide will provide some guidance to an anti-racist reframe

Racism in Science

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Racism, Objectivity, and Journalism


RadioLab - The Liberation of RNA - June 2020

Scholarly / Peer-reviewed

Smith-Doerr, L. (2020). Hidden Injustice and Anti-Science. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society6, 94-101.

This essay responds to the five articles on Anti-Science in this journal issue by discussing a significant theme identified across all of them: hidden injustice. Some of the ways that injustice is hidden by organizational forces related to anti-science are identified. In response, the essay points to the need for empirical data on anti-science policies, a symmetric approach to anti-science contexts, and institutional analysis of anti-science power imbalances. Additionally, a reflexive question about whether anti-science analysis in STS leads the field toward racial justice is raised. The essay calls for further organizational level research with a critical STS lens to uncover hidden injustice.



Jackson, F. Genomics: DNA and diasporasNature 529, 279–280 (2016). 

Fatimah L. C. Jackson weighs up a study on the cultural politics of genetic testing among African Americans.

Caicedo, H.H. Surfacing anti-Black science and building antiracist teams. Nat Biotechnol (2020).

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