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Music Therapy Research Resources: Online Resources

This research guide supports the music therapy course at USD that offers an overview of music therapy in theory and practice

TED Talk - Elizabeth Stegemöller - Music Therapy's Impact on the Brain

Elizabeth Stegemöller presents at the TEDx IowaStateUniversity event on music therapy and it's impact on the brain. She is a music therapist and utilizes music therapy to treat people with Parkinson's disease.

Streaming Audio

The CRAP Test - Evaluating Online Resources

The C.R.A.P. test is a way to evaluate a source by asking yourself how the source responds to the following criteria:

  • Currency

    • How recent is the information?

    • How recently has the website been updated?

    • Is it current enough for your topic? 

  • Reliability

    • What kind of information is included in the resource?

    • Is content of the resource primarily opinion?  Is is balanced?

    • Does the creator provide references or sources for data or quotations? 

  • Authority

    • Who is the creator or author?

    • What are the credentials?

    • Who is the published or sponsor?

    • Are they reputable?

    • What is the publisher's interest (if any) in this information?

    • Are there advertisements on the website? 

  • Purpose/Point of View 

    • Is this fact or opinion?

    • Is it biased?

    • Is the creator/author trying to sell you something?


--from LOEX 2008 wiki