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Finding Articles in Copley Library: Research Terminology

This guide provides basic journal article research terminology, tips for setting up a search in a research database, and ways to use search results.

Articles, Journals, Databases

How do articles, journals and databases relate to each other?


Other Terms for Finding Articles

 Keywords – search terms that identify with your research topic or question
 Facets - clusters of attributes connected to results of a search that allow the user to filter the results (ex. dates, language, source types)
 Peer-reviewed – a journal article that has been vetted by experts in the field
 Citation – specifically-formatted details necessary to identify a journal article or other source
 Abstract – a summary of the journal article, usually found at the beginning of the article
 Full-Text – online access to the entire article
 Interlibrary Loan - a library service that will try to acquire an article or other material for you from another institution if Copley does not  currently provide access.