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Assignment #2: Annotated Bibliography

The field of Ethnic Studies examines the historical, cultural and social dynamics of race and ethnicity in the United States. For this assignment, explore any topic of your choice and connect this topic to a particular place.

You can focus on the area of your land acknowledgement statement (Assignment 1), expand to a larger area (Example: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest), or focus on another region. Searching through current news items may help with this project. See the list below for example research areas.

Your bibliography can span any time period (past to present)



Choose any topic related to race and ethnicity and complete an annotated bibliography that discusses 6-7 sources.

  • Include the citation of the resource (MLA, APA, or Chicago)
  • Each entry should be 150-200 words.
  • Summarize the resource. What is the argument of the source? How is it related to your topic or subject? What information does it provide that enhances your understanding of the topic? Does the source leave you with further questions?
  • For example annotated bibliography see: Purdue Online Writing Lab


Research Areas (not all inclusive)


African American Studies

Arab/Muslim-American Studies

Asian American Studies

Chicano/Latino Studies

Civil rights


Economic disparities

Education (k-12) or Higher education


Environmental Racism

Fashion & Popular culture

Film & Music

Food (in)security

Historical perspectives


Immigration & Migration

Incarceration & Prison pipeline


Labor rights


National security


Native American and Indigenous Studies

Pacific Island-American Studies

Police violence

Politics & Legislation



Technology & Access

Voting access/voting history

Whiteness/White supremacy